How To Leverage AI for Payment Processing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated virtually every industry, and payment processing is no exception. The integration of this advanced technology brings a myriad of benefits that not only streamline the buyer’s journey but also enhance the efficiency and security of transactions. Here’s a closer look at the

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How ePaymints Is Redefining Payment Processing

How is ePaymints redefining payment processing? Co-founders Jodi Durst and Kimberly Smith Coley explain how ePaymints provides a new way of supporting clients while creating a boutique experience. Learn more about how ePaymints can upgrade your business’s payment processing at

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How To Prepare Your Business For Gen Z Customers

As the first generation of financially independent adults that are digital-natives, Gen Zers are poised to shake up the way traditional businesses do business. The first thing to go will be parts of the checkout experience that prove slow and unwieldy to this generation of instant-gratification seekers,

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Have You Outgrown Your Payment Processor?

Are you using a global corporation like Stripe or Square to process your payments? That might be a big mistake. Learn why below.  Entrepreneurs need to be able to accept payments for their products and services so that they can earn a living. When planning the launch of

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TXT2Pay: The Future Of Mobile Payments Is Here.

The most critical touchpoint in your customer’s journey isn’t finding your business, or selecting a product or service. It’s the payment experience. If this process isn’t easy, hemorrhaging customers to your competition will be commonplace. You need a solution that makes it easy for your business to

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