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Digital Wallets

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With ePaymints’ digital wallets solution, you can accept payments from:

How Does It Work?

Digital wallets can help you streamline the checkout process, and complete more transactions. Customer information is stored on their digital device, so they can skip lengthy checkout forms. Digital wallets can also help mitigate fraud with credit card payments.

Our solution allows businesses to accept payments online through the four top digital wallets, through use on their Converge-hosted payment pages or web checkout pages, with no additional fees.

Get Hip To The Future

The younger crowd especially is largely cashless, trusting their money instead to digital wallets. Being able to accept payments this way indicates to them that you value their patronage. A smooth digital wallet payment process will have people coming back for more, when they experience how easy it is. If you don’t offer compatible options, you could actually be turning their business away, without even realizing it.

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