Protect Yourself From Fraud

ePaymints validates that your customer is the owner of the credit card, screen suspicious card activity, & protect against unauthorized transactions.

We’re In This Together

Data breaches remain a top concern for cardholders and businesses, but contactless and digital payments offer increased protection against fraud by using tokenization technology.

In fact, contactless cards have the lowest fraud rate of any type of card payment. This can help businesses mitigate the risk of potential data breaches and the reputational and financial losses that may result.

eCommerce Is Increasingly The Target Of Fraud

There are many types of fraud that eCommerce businesses face. The most common form occurs when a criminal obtains stolen card information and uses it to complete unauthorized transactions without the account owner’s knowledge. Once the transaction is complete and the payment is approved, the business remains responsible for ensuring that the cardholder was who they said they were in the event the legitimate cardholder disputes the transaction. This puts the task of preventing fraud on the merchant. This is why we emphasize payment solutions that are as secure as possible.

You’re Safe With Us

ePaymints takes fraud very seriously, and have created solutions that will work for your business to ensure that you and your customers are completely protected, 100% of the time. Sign up with us today to learn how we can protect you, and your customers.