Automate Your Insurance Payments

ePaymints provides our clients with a comprehensive and secure suite of payment solutions that ensure that their policy holders pay on time and your cash flow remains positive.

What’s In It For You?

Automated Recurring Payments

Competitive Interchange Plus Pricing

Acceptance of ACH, e-Check, CC, etc

PCI Compliance and Best-In-Class Security

Save time, and money, while keeping you and your insurance customer’s data safe.

Take Advantage of Technology

If you’re still invoicing manually, you should know that there is a much easier and quicker way to do things. Add your company branding with our customizable template which can be sent via email or text, and monitor your payments via our optimized mobile payment portal.  

Insurance Payments Made Easy

ePaymints has worked hard to eliminate insurance payment headaches for you. Your business deserves the most efficient and secure way to collect payment. And with ePaymints, you’ll have it.

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