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COVID ushered in the era of contactless payments, for safety reasons. The first few contactless solutions have now evolved into many, including

To work for your customers and for you, the contactless process needs to be two things:

Offer Multiple Mobile Payment Options

Smartphones have quickly become the most convenient way for customers to pay, and for merchants to accept payments. Since widespread indie retailing has emerged, especially among digital natives, merchants now demand the ability to take contactless EMV payments in the field, using a phone or tablet. Consumers, ever searching for faster, easier ways to do all kinds of transactions, are thrilled to be able to pay from their phones, using mobile payment apps and wallets.

We allow you to serve both needs with our mobile payment solutions, and even have capabilities to let your customers pay via text message. TXT2PAY, from our partners at Authvia, allows customers to send a secure payment with a single text message from their phone. Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Going Contactless

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Make your buyer’s journey as simple, fast and pleasant as possible. ePaymints’ suite of solutions will build trust and rapport with existing customers while attracting new ones. Don’t get left behind – be part of the future of payments. Sign up with us today.