Take Charge Of Your Chargebacks

Our online case management solution allows you to review, respond, and manage all of your chargeback and retrieval activity with ultimate ease.

Maximize Efficiency

We make it easier for your staff to respond to chargeback requests online. Since our portal supports the ability to prioritize chargeback cases based on key factors, you can respond quickly and reduce the number of write-offs, saving you time and money.

You set the preferences for your alerts, whether it is new chargeback and retrieval cases, status updates, high value amounts and/or case aging. Additionally, our system features a daily summary of case activity and a broad selection of reports to manage your activities and measure your results.

Comprehensive Reporting

ePaymints offers a broad selection of reports to provide full visibility and help you effectively manage your chargeback dispute case activities. Reports can range from a single listing to a specific filtered report by date, location, card type, case ID and many other criteria. You can drill down further into a specific case for a detailed look at its history, including actions taken and results achieved. You can also export report data to other enterprise systems, or for offline analysis and distribution.

Simplify Chargeback Activities With A Single Portal

Gain the tools you need to manage dispute cases throughout their life cycle. 

Access your chargeback and retrieval activity from anywhere.

Define custom work queues and activity views based on your business needs 

Create your own response templates that yield the best results for your business

Upload supporting case documentation, such as receipts, in a variety of formats. 

Export data to use in other enterprise systems

Don’t Be Afraid Of Chargebacks Any Longer

ePaymints makes it easier than ever to stay in control of all aspects of your business.

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