“Can ePaymints reduce my payment processing fees?”

Yes we can! We operate in both the traditional and cutting-edge aspects of financial technology. ePaymints can lower your rates by putting you onto an interchange pass-thru system, which results in a much lower total bill.

On top of that, we help businesses integrate innovative technology into their business in order to accomplish their unique goals.

Examples of this include customer engagement platforms, mobile payments via text message, B2C crypto acceptance, and more. Being a smaller organization also enables us to jump on the next big thing with unrivaled agility.

If you want your business to be a step ahead of the competition, you need to pivot to the latest in payment processing technology.

That’s where we come in.



Our Executive Team

Jodi Durst

Jodi Durst

Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced Leader and Entrepreneur with several decades of experience in the financial and technology services industry.

Kimberly Coley

Kimberly Coley

Co-Founder & President

Talented Entrepreneur and payments professional who is highly skilled in Sales Management, Direct Sales, and Executive Leadership Strategy.

Luke Tighe

Luke Tighe

Marketing Director

With a B.S. in Marketing from the University of New Hampshire, Luke handles all Social Media, Web Design, Advertising, and Creative Marketing Operations.

Jerry Nihen

Jerry Nihen

Chief Technology Officer

Jerry has decades of experience in emerging tech, and specializes in IT, software development, and task automation. 

Linda Chapin

Linda Chapin

VP of Enterprise Development

Experienced Business professional skilled in digital payment processing, Saas, ERP, POS, and Merchant Services.

Shane MacNeill

Shane MacNeill

Database Architect

With work that’s been featured in Wired Magazine, Shane has been programming and designing databases for 25+ years.

Our Charitable Partners:

Abundance Therapy is dedicated to helping individuals establish, restore, or maintain their mind, voice, bodies and souls through a unique therapy process. They do this by utilizing music, instrumentation movement and The Arts to increase and enhance fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, postural control strength and endurance. The program is centered around building upon and promoting positive relationships and experiences to last a life time, and is based in Los Angeles, CA. You can visit their website here.

The Mulligan Society aims to amplify second-chance organizations that change the world through executive leadership and influential, collaborative networks. There are so many non-profits with the right intentions that lack funding and event experience, so Mulligan helps them achieve those goals. They have just introduced a service called Chemo Caddie, which uses mobile technology to pair individuals with communities to provide real time support to those battling cancer/undergoing chemotherapy. You can visit their website here.

Finally Home is a non-profit whose mission since 2008 is to equip foster, adoptive, and kinship families to build healthy homes where children can heal. Since inception, almost 1,500 families have benefited from their programs, which are designed to give parents the tools they need to help their kids and family thrive. Whether through an encouraging children’s story book, a therapeutic toolkit, or an empowering training, Finally Home’s resources reinforce time-tested skills and characteristics found in healthy families. They also offer family training, parent and caregiver training, and live family events. You can visit their website here.

Farm On! creates and funds educational programs to provide the next generation of farmers with the skills and experience necessary to ensure that they can continue to feed us sustainably, ethically, and profitably. Their goal is to provide a model for conscious food production and distribution that can be replicated around the country, and increase food security on a large scale. You can visit their website here.

North Haven is a non-profit that works with families who have suffered trauma, deep loss, and any form of pain or suffering. The team at North Haventakes a deeply personal and spiritual path towards healing, and guests are treated to a week of guided physical and mental restoration in the Washington State wilderness at no cost to them. You can visit their website here.

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