About Kimberly Coley

Kimberly Coley

Company Co-Founder and President

Kim has worked in the financial services industry for XX years, demonstrating skills in sales, management, account management, direct sales, and leadership. A strongly entrepreneurial professional, she graduated from The Ohio State University.

These days, she helps lead ePaymints, a payment technologies firm providing businesses with a means of not just processing payments, but also engaging with their customers in ways they never thought possible. She does this by helping them implement strategic partnerships in digital payments, including blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrency and NFTs, as well as leading-edge Augmented Reality (AR) spaces, among others.

Kim is dedicated to transparent, ethical dealings, with a reputation for always putting her clients’ interests first in any transaction. Her authenticity is a breath of fresh air, particularly in the financial services industry.

In the interest of being part of the solution to people seeking career guidance, Kim also co-hosts the company’s “#1 Thing” podcast with co-founder and friend, Jodi Durst. Together, they bring successful individuals from all walks of life to talk about the #1 Thing that has helped them become successful, find happiness in their career, and get them to where they are now.

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