Billing & Invoicing

Our Billing & Invoicing Gateway

Billing and invoicing is one of the many features in our Converge Gateway, which allows you to send online invoices and payment options to your customers via email.

Electronic Billing

Converge billing and invoicing is a great option for businesses who need a way to easily send invoices and quotes. Simply create your document and send it to your customer via email. From there, they can accept the quote, or pay the invoice immediately through the Converge secure online payment page.

You can send an unlimited number of quotes or invoices each month, with no coding or integration required to get started. Everything you need to create, send and track a quote or invoice is built directly into the platform. This is great for businesses who need a secure payment solution that’s also customizable and fast to implement.

Protect Your Customers

We offer a fully encrypted solution with add-ons that help manage your customers’ payment data with ease.

Accept Mobile Payments While Maintaining Your Brand Experience

Converge mobile payments solution allows you to bring the checkout counter to your customer, wherever they are. Accept payments on delivery, or use it as a backup in your store during peak times. You’ll be notified as soon as the mobile payment is made.

Easily customize our payment page to align with your visual branding. When customers click to pay, they’ll be linked to the payment form you create, where they can securely enter their payment details. The process will remain under your auspices across their total experience.

Get The Invoicing Solution That’s Right For You

Electronic invoice delivery reduces errors and delays typical with manual paper invoicing, and adds the option of convenient online payments. Secure your business today with ePaymints digital billing and invoicing.