The most critical touchpoint in your customer’s journey isn’t finding your business, or selecting a product or service. It’s the payment experience. If this process isn’t easy, hemorrhaging customers to your competition will be commonplace. You need a solution that makes it easy for your business to send invoices, and receive payments. A solution that prioritizes the customer experience, streamlines the back-office process, and keeps both client and merchant data safe.

Introducing TXT2PAY by Authvia, powered by ePaymints. This new payment solution uniquely suits current consumer behaviors and preferences to ensure satisfaction and ease of use, for both sides of every transaction. 

The year is 2022, and now more than ever, people are glued to their smartphones. Barely anyone leaves the house without theirs, and if something doesn’t require your absolute undivided attention, most people will be on their phone while going about their business at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting in line, walking down the sidewalk, even talking to a friend – chances are you do it too. While it might be disappointing to those who still value face-to-face interactions, it is how most of the world operates nowadays. So much so that if a process can’t be done through their phone, people often see it as inconvenient, or slow. With TXT2PAY, allow your customers to pay for your offerings completely within a simple text conversation. No more waiting on hold and chatting with a robot. With TXT2PAY, people can submit and approve payments the same way they would text a friend. This makes that critical touchpoint a breeze for your customers, 90% of whom prefer to engage with businesses by text message over dated methods like phone calls or emails.

There are many reasons to integrate TXT2PAY into your business. Customers nowadays care more about speed and convenience than any other metric when it comes to making payments. In fact, 80% of consumers share this preference. Studies even show that people would pay more for a better overall payment experience, and would switch over to providers equipped with mobile payment capabilities. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction, and more purchases overall, while dated or even current technology can negatively affect potential customers. On the merchant side, it makes even more sense for your business. 

Thanks to technological advancements, electronic payments are faster, more secure, and more transparent for both parties. This increases customer loyalty and trust – eliminating any surprises. Since this is clearly the natural evolution of payments, you can prove to your current and potential customers that you are not only trying to improve their buyer’s journey, but that you are looking forward to the future to keep your entire business up to date with the most efficient processes on the market. Even in-person, contactless payments can be up to 10x faster than other options, proving that every facet of your business could use an upgrade. 

You can also say goodbye to paper, and cash by extension. By keeping everything electronic, all the information you will ever need to access for you or your customers will always be right at your fingertips. Gone will be the days where you will need to manually send out invoices in the mail, and thanks to TXT2PAY, wait times will significantly decrease. 82% of consumers open every text they get within a few minutes, so you won’t ever have to wait weeks on end for a payment. Point is, Authvia and ePaymints will do the hard work for you, and utilizing TXT2Pay will streamline your business in many more ways than one.

But by signing up with us, you don’t only get access to TXT2PAY and all its features, but unlock a whole suite of solutions for your business. Take advantage of advanced payment processing capabilities, multiple payment flows, and interoperability with your other payment modalities, among other perks. From within our merchant portal, get paid faster and eliminate PCI exposure, completely contactless. Request and receive payments in text conversations directly with your customers, and so much more. 

So now, here we are. At this point you should know that integrating TXT2PAY into your business is practically necessary when you compare the benefits to the current pain points in your payment processes. It will transform the way you do business, and provide measurable and significant improvements which both the vendor and consumer will be glad for. Now, there’s just one question left to ask: How does one get started? 
Contact, or sign up on our website to upgrade your payment capabilities today!