Lately we’ve been reading feedback from communities of other U.S. based payment processors. And unfortunately for these merchants, it’s not good. Our biggest takeaway is that most payment processors regard customer service as low priority. While it’s important to note that happy customers are far less likely to leave feedback than unhappy ones, a large amount of people saying the same few things is certainly worth looking into. In this blog, we’ll be going over a few of those topics brought up by unsatisfied business owners, and how ePaymints can help those who are unhappy with the lack of personal touch from their current provider.

A large pain point that we’ve gathered from current and former customers of the larger U.S. processors for example is inexplicably withheld funds. Many merchants are complaining about logging into their accounts one day and seeing that hundreds or thousands of dollars of their money is being kept from them. This is happening with no warning to the merchant, and is done under the guise of “keeping your account safe” when suspicious activity is detected. Now, does potentially fraudulent activity occur sometimes that threaten transfers? Yes. But to withhold funds from people with zero transparency or communication is unacceptable. We found one comment under a Facebook post reading “My first goal is to get Square to release my funds they’ve been holding without reason for over 165 days. #worstcompanyever #squaretheft This is hopefully an extreme and isolated example, but it goes to show that some people are being hamstrung by poor communication and a severe lack of effort on the processor’s side of things.

Another big issue we’ve gathered from reading feedback on big processors is that customer service/support is almost nonexistent. Again, people who are happy with the services they receive generally don’t leave feedback saying how satisfied they are. But, with countless merchants having complaints, you have to wonder how high of a priority customer care really is for these huge companies. Whether a support team is stretched too thin, or the support process isn’t streamlined, or any other number of reasons, the fact remains that it is not prioritized at any of the major payment processors that dominate the market. 

Customer care should be one of the highest priorities of any company trying to make the world a better place. Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur looking to hit the ground running, or a grizzled vet who is tired of not getting the treatment they feel they deserve, don’t settle. Simply put, if you value great customer service, there are better options out there.

Now let’s talk about ePaymints for a sec. A payment processor at first glance. A direct competitor of Square, Stripe, and other processors(hence this blog, wink wink). But we’re also much more. Our suite of solutions includes traditional and cutting-edge physical, contactless, and virtual payment methods, data encryption and fraud protection, advanced analytics, and more.

By joining our family, you also get access to the offerings of our many strategic partners. If you’ve ever wondered how artificial intelligence could enhance your buyer’s journey, or if it was possible to accept crypto as payment, or if you could make your very own NFTs without a coding or development team, we got you covered!. And even if your business classifies as “medium to high risk”, we’ll still have your back. 

So if customer support and transparent solutions are things you value as a business owner, choosing the biggest global corporation to process your payments might not be the best idea. ePaymints is a smaller, more personal but equally equipped payments organization that will always have your best interests close at heart. Our goal isn’t to fatten our pockets; it’s to provide your business with the latest in payment technology in order to enhance your business offerings, and make your customers satisfied.

We would love to hear from you about any questions you might have, and if you’d like to get in touch with us please drop us a line at If you’d like to learn more about us as a whole, you can visit and explore our website. 

Thank you for reading, and we hope you have a great rest of your day!