Are you using a global corporation like Stripe or Square to process your payments? That might be a big mistake. Learn why below. 

Entrepreneurs need to be able to accept payments for their products and services so that they can earn a living. When planning the launch of their business, they might look up some helpful articles online that list the pros and cons of the major payment processors, and how to get started with them. If this is true, the average entrepreneur will likely choose one of those major corporations; one that sounds familiar, is talked about by industry bloggers, and has a huge customer base. And it will work, for a time. They’ll be able to accept payments, which after all, is very important. 

Now, you might find that this entrepreneur sounds a lot like you. But as your own business grows, something else will happen. A problem will arise; a payment or transfer will fail, you’ll fall victim to a hack or data breach, or, maybe you just have a question about your processing. Well good luck getting a hold of a real person to talk through these issues with! With most major payment processors, customer service is almost entirely automated. And while there are obvious advantages of using automation for certain processes, we don’t believe that it should be relied on when dealing with customers who trust us with the lifeblood of their business: their payments. Lately we’ve been reading some feedback from the communities of major processors like (Stripe and Square), and we’ve been shocked at the lack of communication and transparency. In our opinion, the customer deserves better.

As time goes on, your business will be making more money, and as more funds come in, you’ll take more notice of the fees that you were happy to overlook previously while you were focused on getting your business off the ground. Naturally, every payment processor comes with fees. That is how they stay   afloat   – in return for processing all your business payments and protecting your data, among other services. But most of the fees we’re seeing people charged with when they come to us is alarming. At ePaymints, we want nothing more than to help you and your business succeed, and for us success is defined by customer satisfaction, not charging you an arm and a leg in fees.

So when it comes to customer service, global corporations often can’t keep up with the needs of their own customers. But we are a U.S. based fintech that regards customer service as our highest priority, and will work hard to save you money on all levels. And if any problems arise, we have your back – 24/7/365. 

Now is this an easy decision? That depends on whether or not you want to work with a payment processor that sees you as more than a number. We want you to succeed, and if you’ll let us prove that to you, you’ll be glad you did. Right now, we are offering businesses 1 free month of processing when they sign up with us. So click the Sign Up button below to get in touch with us, and take your business to the next level.

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