Payment processing fees are expensive, and can be a significant expense for businesses of all sizes. In fact, the average merchant pays around 2.9% + $0.30 per credit card transaction. That means that if a business processes $10,000 in credit card payments each month, they’re paying around $300 in fees. But that $300 doesn’t have to be so high.

But why are payment processing fees so high? Our cost-savings analysis demonstrates to businesses where they are paying too much for payment processing, and where ePaymints can save them money. It’s a quick, simple, and free way to gain some valuable insight into ways to cut business costs. 

But how does ePaymints conduct this analysis? We only need one thing: your most recent processing statement that includes a breakdown on how much you’re paying for each fee. If you need an example, we’ll be happy to provide you with one. And if your most recent statement was during a period of irregular business volume, feel free to provide us with one that more accurately reflects your normal sales volume.

Once we have this information from you, we’ll be able to run our analysis by plugging it into our cost-savings program. The end result is a neat pdf detailing what you’re paying by volume for each type of fee, right alongside what you would be paying for each fee with ePaymints. You’ll be able to see your monthly, yearly, and 3 years savings. Everything you’ll need to weigh and make a decision is included in our analysis, at no cost to you at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about how ePaymints can help you save money, contact us today for a free analysis. This is an incredibly valuable tool, and if it so happens that your current deal is better, then you don’t have to switch! Either way, it’s a win-win: you’ll either save a significant amount of money, or feel more comfortable with your current deal. But we have a hunch you’ll be happier with us ;). 

In addition to lower processing fees than the major corporations in payments, ePaymints also offers a number of other benefits including high-quality customer care, innovative funding and banking solutions, and security and fraud prevention systems.

So get in touch with us today to see what you could be saving in payment processing fees with ePaymints! You have nothing to lose! Visit or send us your statement to and we’ll be in touch – talk to you soon!