Professional athletes are well known for their generosity and charitable work involving their own foundations, and this trend seems particularly popular in the NFL. J.J. Watt, former defensive end for the Houston Texans, famously raised roughly $40 million to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston in 2017. Tom Brady is well-known for his partnership with Best Buddies International, and his involvement with Capital One’s The Match raises millions for Feeding America, among other charities.

These, and many more, are amazing examples of those in the major leagues giving back to those in need. We at ePaymints are passionate about charities as well, and with one of our closest partnerships we enable the teams and organizations these athletes play for to help draw attention to and contribute to these crucial foundations. 

ePaymints is partnered with Drop-In Gaming, which is a tournament gaming platform offering free and pay-to-play gaming tournaments in all varieties of games. With Drop-In, an NFL(or NBA, NHL, etc.) team can sponsor a tournament of their sport with proceeds going towards a particular player’s foundation, or even multiple charities. This widens the audience getting exposed to and contributing to certain foundations, whereas before it was up to a single player with at times a smaller audience than their team to spread the word.

Let’s consider an example. Joe Burrow, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, his own charity, The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund. His fund supports the Fund for Appalachian Ohio, which is dedicated to providing supplemental and emergency food aid to residents of Athens County, Ohio who find themselves in need. A noble cause undoubtedly. Burrow raised hundreds of thousands of dollars himself through his Heisman acceptance speech, but the possibilities go far beyond that. 

Joe Burrow, in conjunction with the Cincinnati Bengals, could use Drop-In Gaming’s platform to host a sponsored Madden tournament to raise money for The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund. Fans and gamers alike from all over the country, and the world, could compete for multiple tiers of prizes, including a meet-and-greet with Joe Burrow and the team, Bengals tickets, merchandise, or gift cards. Finalists could even play Madden alongside their favorite players in a truly unique and immersive experience.

The possibilities are endless. All profits would go to Joe Burrow’s(or any other participating athletes) charity, and would raise a huge amount of awareness to the cause. This is not only an amazing way to raise money for charity, but also an invaluable tool for engaging with your fans, across all existing channels while creating a new one in the process. 

There are so many incredible charities founded by professional athletes, in the NFL and beyond, that deserve all the exposure they can get. Now, with ePaymints and Drop-In, your team can bring in and engage with new and existing fans in exciting and trailblazing ways while benefiting your player’s amazing foundations. All someone needs to do is pick up a controller to participate! Contact to get started and help your athletes’ foundations today!