What is AI, and how can it help you as a business owner?

Artificial Intelligence in layman’s terms is machine learning that is used to automate tasks, predict outcomes, and gather information – all so we don’t have to. This technology is now used in a wide variety of deployments, from self-driving cars, to social media algorithms, and interpreting human speech; the list goes on. These examples might make it seem that only large technology companies could benefit from AI, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If you are a business owner, your product offering doesn’t have to be tech-related at all. You don’t even have to sell a product, but provide a service to your customers. So how can you use artificial intelligence to enhance your business, and capture as much revenue as possible?

Thanks to our partnership with noHold Inc, business owners can now implement an AI Virtual Assistant that will help convert interested parties into paying customers. If someone visits your website, the Virtual Assistant will engage them, answer any questions they might have, and prompt them to add items to their cart or schedule a visit to your business. Next, a customer can checkout and pay from within the Virtual Assistant, without being redirected to a new page. This all helps tremendously by retaining users’ attention and reducing cart abandonment.

“But what if this doesn’t work for my business?” Don’t worry! noHold customizes each and every Assistant to match the wants and needs of you and your business. Whether you provide a product or service, are B2B or B2C, or are unique in your own right, our AI Virtual Assistant will be able to be a huge difference-maker in your buyer’s journey. And the best part is: once it’s set up you won’t have to lift a finger – just watch the Virtual Assistant work it’s magic!

By working with ePaymints and noHold, your Virtual Assistant will drive efficiency, reduce cart abandonment and loss of user interest, and greatly improve customer satisfaction. So shoot us an email at sales@epaymints.com to learn more about how we can transform your business!