In the past, international merchant accounts have been unattractive for US merchants because of the vast difference in terms and fees. This problem complicated transactions with customers who lived outside of the US, and often limited the capability of the business to meet the needs of those valuable customers. Times have changed, and now international merchant accounts provide similar functionality and terms to domestic merchant accounts, even to high-risk merchants who may otherwise struggle to find the right merchant for them!

ePaymints is now offering an alternative for US merchants that we’re very excited about. In a press release picked up by various financial websites across the world earlier in January 2016, we detailed our High-Risk International Merchant Accounts designed specifically for e-commerce companies who do business outside the US. It details the features and benefits of this product we offer to e-commerce companies that conduct business with customers outside the US.

These accounts process and settle payments in US dollars with no need for conversion. The deposits go directly to the company’s domestic bank account with no requirement to set up an offshore account. Numerous other features exist with these accounts which make them similar to traditional domestic merchant accounts. Companies of all sizes and structures can now provide services to customers outside the US while collecting payment in a safe and efficient manner.

High-risk merchants will enjoy a high approval ratio, offering them the opportunity for payment processing they won’t find with other companies. With ePaymints, Even small companies are able to set up an international merchant account because of how affordable it is. Many accounts cost less than $200 and can be set up in less than 48 hours and be ready to do business. We provide ongoing support right here in the US in case of questions or issues at any time!

Get in tough with us today to see how ePaymints can help you and your business!