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Technology is the driving factor creating endless niches in the market.

Forward Thinking

Rapidly changing industry with new solutions for payments – wallet, cryptocurrencies and mobile engagement

Problem Solvers

Exercising partnership opportunities with payment industry experts and technology solutions.

Customer Support

Assist our customers in making cost effective and correct use of ePaymint products.

Our Story

ePaymints, is a global merchant account, gateway provider, and technology company, with an arsenal of solutions, which redefine traditional payment processing.

We are extremely knowledgeable in traditional merchant solutions, as well as alternative payments, high risk processing and processing within the sophisticated international arena.

As the payment landscape and bank appetites, dramatically change, align your business with a partner that will navigate the waters for you. Supercharge your receivables cycle, lower your payment acceptance costs and boost efficiency, while reducing PCI scope.

We take your relationship and trust in us, very serious.

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  • Business 2 Business 100% 100%
  • Technology Company 80% 80%
  • Global Merchant Accounts 60% 60%
  • Gateway Provider 50% 50%
  • ACH Proccessing 90% 90%
Jodi Durst

Jodi Durst


Jodi has had a dynamic business development career with over 20 years of experience and achievement, driving sales growth and market share expansion in highly competitive markets. She has been a proven overachiever: consistently ranking in top 5%. She is persistent in building new business, securing company loyalty and forging strong relationships with both external and internal partners.  She has focused on innovative ideas and solutions that will disrupt traditional operations to enhance company growth.

Jodi built several new vertical programs for legacy processors in eCommerce, prepaid and partnership markets.  She also operated a scratch Allstate Insurance agency (P & C, L & D and financial services) and sold her portfolio.

Kimberly Coley

Kimberly Coley


Kimberly Coley, has spent over 20 years partnering with Ecommerce and brick & mortar companies of all sizes to consultatively bring meaningful payment solutions that integrate with their business and complement their future growth plans. Kimberly, has decades of experience, bringing clients tangible value by strategically reviewing their operations and understanding their plans for global reach. Kimberly’s payment expertise, includes payment analysis, cash flow management, global processing, and identifying cost efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Joe Gatto

Joe Gatto

Director of International Business Development

Joe Gatto is a creative copywriter & digital marketer. He has worked for over a decade in tourism, entertainment, and alternative health. As our VP of Marketing & International Business Development. Joe brings a win-win partnership approach to clients,  with new insights to get help businesses have a superior merchant experience.

Jodi and Kim have partnered with Strategic Partners to form ePaymints a technology company that focuses on integrated payments & strategic partnerships. Our goal is providing a solution that helps bring the right payment processing partner based on technology and business requirements along with the right synergies for their short and long term business goals.

ePaymints, is first and foremost, a technology company, with a sophisticated gateway allowing merchant processing globally.  We have an arsenal of solutions, which redefine traditional payment processing.  We are extremely knowledgeable in traditional merchant solutions, as well as alternative payments and high risk processing. ePaymints, processes international payments, for 195 countries, 135 currencies and 47 partner banks.  Our key solutions, make payment acceptance transparent, while protecting the card holder data.  We provide everything from mobile app creation to enterprise supply chain marketplaces.  In addition, we have a behavioral loyalty platform, which is based on gamification and experiential rewards