Still using Cashless ATM services for your cannabis business?

ePaymints Is Your One-Stop Shop For PIN-Debit and Credit Solutions.

Cannabis Payments Made Easy

As if there weren’t enough obstacles facing dispensaries, the payment method used by most pot shops in the U.S. is now on its way out. Cashless ATMs, which have been a popular and useful workaround allowing millions of Americans access to legal cannabis, are seeing a nationwide crackdown stemming from strong risk aversion by the major U.S. banks and ATM processors. Several states are already reporting complete outages, from small mom and pop pot shops, to larger MSO’s across the U.S.. 

So why is this happening? Cashless ATMs have been operating in a gray area of payment processing, in using a short-term workaround rather than a long term solution. Now that major payment players like Visa have grown wise of the scheme, they are slamming the door shut on these types of transactions to protect themselves, as cannabis is still federally illegal in the U.S.

By now you must be wondering – how can cannabis businesses continue to operate and accept payment for products and services? Great question. ePaymints is very happy to announce that we provide fully legal and compliant debit and credit card payment services that won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Thanks to our close relationships within the banking industry, ePaymints has been able to cultivate multiple payment options that your business can use today to attract new customers, streamline your payment experience, and most importantly – continue to operate your business effectively. Your customers will now be able to purchase cannabis from your store just like they would walk into a bodega to buy a candy bar.

There are more reasons to switch to ePaymints than just being able to accept debit and credit cards. This unlocks a whole new world of advertising opportunities based around your quick and easy payment experience. And since customers will no longer be limited by the amount of cash they have on them, they can now buy larger quantities of product. In fact, the average ticket price goes up 25%, while including a tip line for the budtender! 

So if you want to upgrade your cannabis business’s payment options ASAP, give us a shout! You can reach our veteran team at, or sign up for a consultation at ! We would love to help your business flourish, and eagerly await your message!

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