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Upgrade Your Payments

There are many contactless solutions now, including tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets, in-app payments, mobile orders, and online payments for curbside pickup or delivery. This process needs to be two things:

Simple, and fast.

Offer Multiple Mobile Payment Options

Smartphones have quickly become the most convenient way for merchants to accept payments and for customers to pay. Merchants want to be able to take contactless EMV payments in the field using a phone or tablet. And consumers want to pay from their phones using mobile payment apps and wallets. We allow you to serve both needs for your merchants with our mobile payments solutions, and even have capabilities to let your customers pay by text message.

TXT2PAY, from our partners at Authvia, allows customers to send a secure payment with a single text message from their phone. Click here to learn more.

Benefits Of Going Contactless

Much faster than swiping or inserting a card, then typing in your PIN

Eliminates spread of germs from customer to merchant – and other customers

Lower risk of fraud (see ya later card skimmers!)

Provides valuable insights and reporting

Can be used as a marketing tool to attract new tech-savvy customers

People are now expecting to take advantage of contactless payments when it comes to check out.

Don’t get left behind – and be a part of the future of payments.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition By Going Contactless

Make your buyer’s journey as simple and fast as possible. With ePaymints, our suite of solutions will unlock new potential and attract new customers alike.

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