Cash Discount Program can help you save up to 95% off processing costs.

Our Cash Discount Program offers a way for merchants to greatly reduce or eliminate their fees for accepting credit cards. This is done by sharing the expenses associated with credit card acceptance with the individual cardholder using their credit/debit card for payment. A Service Fee of 3.99% is applied to each transaction not paid for with cash or check. That’s only $1.99 on a $50 transaction!

Reduced Processing Costs

Cash Discount greatly reduces or eliminates the processing costs associated with credit card acceptance.

Customized Fees

This program can be customized to eliminate or only pass part of the discount rate through to your cardholders.

Statement Transparency

Transaction totals are charged as one amount reducing questions from cardholders and preventing unrecognized transaction chargebacks.

Customer Benefits

There is no need to increase the costs of goods and services to make up for lost profit for credit card processing costs.

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