Introducing #1 Thing

Our latest podcast and outreach program that works to bring artists, musicians, business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and champions of the payments industry together to talk about their #1 Thing.

Be it business insight, personal wellness, or just getting a deeper dive into the personal philosophy of our guests, this podcast looks to bring in different perspectives from a diverse cast of successful individuals.

Our mission (and hope) is that you find something in each of these episodes that you can take with you on your individual journey in whatever industry (or walk of life) you’re in.


Tessa Edick
Founder of FarmOn! Foundation

Diego Ventura
Founder of noHold

Scott Burnett
CEO of Burnett and Associates

Tracey Zimmerman
President & CEO of Robots & Pencils

Adam Jones & Darby Duffin
Directors of Fish & Men

Jack Plotnick
Actor, Director, and Writer

Nessa Hearn
Creator of Rock, Paper, Spirit

Michael A. Keresman III
CEO & Author of Encrypting Billions

Bob Walker
CEO & Founder of Connexions

Printz Board
Grammy Award-winning Songwriter

Slade Heathcott
MLB Player & Philanthropist