A Fresh Approach

Standard Services

  • *Tokenize customer data for easy and flexible customer billing
  • Reduce payment processing costs with SmartRate Selector
  • Customize fraud parameters
  • Invoice electronically and get paid faster
  • Multi-Channel payment acceptance and experience
  • Multiple payment types and transactions
  • Immediate visibility to all levels of your organization

Merchant Accounts

ePaymints will be able to assist you in obtaining a merchant account whether you are an online, retail, phone /mail order, or mobile merchant.


Supercharge your receivables cycle, lower payment acceptance costs and boost efficiency while reducing PCI scope


Custom Mobile Apps

Revolutionizing the Functionality of APPS for the Benefit of Merchants and Consumers Worldwide.

ACH & Check Draft

Check Drafting is an electronic system that allows a business to accept check payments from their customers quickly.

Gateway Services

The ePaymints gateway maintains a robust and flexible portal which will allow you to customize your payment profile to serve the specific needs of your business

Domestic and High Risk Merchant Accounts

ePaymints, offers domestic and high risk merchant accounts for a wide range of industries. With our extensive network and direct banking relationships, we pride ourselves in our ability to obtain new merchant accounts for businesses in the card not present space. Your customers want the convenience of accepting electronic payments through your system and applications. You have concerns about data security, payments across multiple acceptance channels, customer experience, and workflow. Your solution is sophisticated and you need a payments solution that can do the heavy lifting. Other service providers have promised you a difference, but you have found there is not much that distinguishes most players in the game. Until Now. ePaymints is different because we look at payments through your customers’ eyes. Creating value, efficiency, and security are our cornerstones. As an intelligent payments network, ePaymints enhances the payment experience for businesses, consumers, and integrators. We strengthen your offerings by hosting a seamless connection between your solution and what businesses need to process payments.

International Merchant Accounts

Businesses with six months of processing history and a monthly sales volume of $50,000 or more are eligible for an international merchant account

  • Multi-currency processing and settlements
    • Foreign entity creation
    • Frequent payout schedule
    • Fast merchant account approvals

High Risk Accounts

ePaymints offers domestic high risk merchant accounts for a wide range of industries.

Chargeback Services

Depending on the particular types of offers and products you promote, you can expect to win back 65% – 92% of disputes.

Reputation Repair

If your online reputation is costing you sales or putting your merchant accounts in jeopardy, call ePaymints today.

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